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Shower Curtain

Homemade Shower Curtain



New Drawings For Sale

 New drawings for sale at The Beholder.


Rifflandia 3

Taking it to the street for Rifflandia 3- one of Victoria's best music and arts event. Sept 23- 26th, 2010.

Livestock 3 silkscreen poster printed by the always awesome Olio Collective.




Floating World Comics, Portland, OR, USA, Sept 2nd, 2010.



Car Engine Invitational Drawing Show

 Car Engine Invitational Drawing Show Curated by Anders Nilson, 
including Marc Bell, Jeffrey Brown, Gabrielle Bell, Tommi Musturi, Jordan Crane, Sammy Harkham, Ron Rege and other awesome artists. Opens, August 17, 2010, Lula Restaurant, Chicago


Gary Panter and Luke Ramsey, 2010

 Gary Panter and Luke Ramsey, 2010


RIP Glenna Evans

This drawing is for Glenna Evans. She lived her life passionately and creatively and she will be missed by many. Ride In Peace.

South Africa 2010

Commission relating to the South Africa World Cup Soccer 2010.


Edmonton Mural

Giant Transition
by Josh Holinaty and Luke Ramsey, July 2010, 
painted with Golden Acrylic Paints.
A community mural project supported by the ESPA, EJHS and EAC. 10010- 105 St, Edmonton John Howard Society Building, Alberta, Canada.


The giant on the right comes from a land of mass consumption and waste. His body is made-up of junk, trash and random man-made objects. He feels burdened by the weight of his load and feels stress and fear because of it. The giant on the left is showing compassion for her new friend. She comes from a land of green space and an abundance of nature. Her body is made-up of rivers, animals, and vegetation. As a gesture of support and understanding, she calmly puts her hand on the other giant's shoulder. He's feeling a little nervous about the change, but a positive transition begins to spread- a change that shares a common ground between the two. Their faces come together and form a complete circle, because they are in harmony with each other.

Week one: wall prep and primed for art application
Week Two:Michelle Fribance and Michelle Stregger assisting.
Week Three: Base colors finished.
Josh working on line work.
Week Four: Josh and Luke finishing line work.
Team Leader Jonathan Scott taking a break.


Dog Mom

A mural painted for the Free Life Center touring van.


Radical Trust

 Radical Trust performance at the Free Life Center event, June 30th, 2010, Islands Fold Art Farm, Pender Island, B.C, Canada. 

I asked people to write a title for an untold poem. 30 different poems were improvised from the titles above. Radical Trust was accompanied by fellow collaborator Finlay Pogue.


What's The Big Idea?

Pieces for " What's The Big Idea?" group show with Apak, Mike Perry, Martin Ontiveros, Jeremy Tinder and John Malta at Double Punch Gallery, San Francisco.  June 12th- July 31st.


Childhood drawings Age 7-12

Islands Fold wants to publish eZines of childhood drawings by adult artists. Here's a collection of my drawings from age 7-12.   ( 1986-91)  Contact Islands Fold to submit.


Collaboration with Finlay Pogue

Collaboration with Finlay Pogue and Luke Ramsey, May 9th


Opening for Bob Wiseman, May 21st

Performance with a new art project called Magic Corporation, opening for Bob Wiseman, May 21st, Pender Island, Canada.


Wall Drawing, Gothenburg, Sweden

Collaboration by EKTA (Sweden) and Luke Ramsey (Canada.) Drawn on a convenient shop wall, April 19th, 2010.


Collaborative Mural- Copenhagen

 Sune Ehlers, Anders Arhoj, Michael Rytz and Luke Ramsey, Butchers Lab Fitness Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2010.


Pictoplama's Pen To Paper

I have 8 pages in this wonderful new book.
It's available here.


Concrete Hermit- March 25th
artSPACE Gallery- April 8th
L.J Gallery- April 29th

Interview with Concrete Hermit here.